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Ultra Series

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Ultra series water heat including direct and circulating types, which is capable of operation in ambient temperature from -26°C to 46°C with the maximum tank water temperature of 60°C . It is with multiple protection functions and intelligent management functions to ensure safety, reliable and energy-saving operation of unit.

  • Grounding protection: The system is with multiple grounding protection to avoid electric leakage.
  • Over-current protection: The system will turn off automatically in overload, in order to ensure safety of the system.
  • High pressure protection: Protection in overhigh pressure ensures the reliability of the system.
  • Auto protection when the system pressure is low.
  • High discharge temperature protection: It avoid the influence of overhigh discharge temperature to ensure the lubrication effect of compressor lubricant.
  • Water pressure protection: It restricts the lowest water pressure to ensure the reliability of the system.
  • Water flow protection: It detects the water flow to avoid no water operation.
  • Anti-freezing protection: It is with multiple anti-freezing design to ensure reliable operation of the system in ultra-low ambient temperature.
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