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New product


It is a kind of DC inverter multifunctional air to water heat pump that could not only supply domestic hot water, but also realize cooling or heating for residential use.

  • Twin rotary DC inverter compressor creates comfortable living circumstance and saves energy.
  • The electronic expansion valve guarantees that the system made adjustments automatically according to the changes of the circumstance and water temperature.
  • Smart dual-temperature detection control technology.
  • The disinfection function at a high temperature up to 70 c can pervent the growth of bacteria and ensure sanitary stealer, creating a wholesome life for the use
  • Isolation of water and electricity ensures safe operation.
  • Dual-cod design makes it convenient to join solar panel or boiler
  • Five-mode operation: heating, cooling, water heating, heating and water heating, cooling and water heating
  • The unit will periodically increase or decrease water temperature in debugging process, to improve floor adaptability for temperature change
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