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Modular Air Cooled Screw Chiller

New product


It is a kind of air-cooled screw chiller that can be connected to all sorts of fan coil unit to realize cooling/heating for civil or industrial buildings.

  • The compressor adopts stepless capacity control, which matches perfectly with actual load.
  • Throttling by electronic expansion valve with more accurate control and more rapid adjustment to ensure the best running status of the system.
  • Unique extend performance: flexible combination in different models, 4 modules for each system and the cooling capacity can reach 1680kW.
  • High efficient oil separator with the efficiency of 99.97%, which greatly improves the reliability of the unit. Oil supply is done with the oil pump for the heat pump unit, which can effectively prevent oil supply failure at the low pressure difference of the compressor or during defrosting and thus enhance the operation reliability of the unit.
  • The heat pump's economizer design will help to remarkably enhance the heating capacity and EER at low ambient temperature.
  • Equipped with perfect protection function to ensure safe running.
  • With multiple freeze prevention, can prevent shell and tube heat exchanger from freezing up when the unit is running, powered off or in malfunction condition.
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