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C Series Fixed-Speed Centrifugal Chiller

New product


It is a kind of water-cooled chiller with centrifugal compressor that can be connected to all sorts of fan coil unit to realize cooling or large civil or industrial buildings.

  • Precision water temperature control thanks to stepless capacity adjustment from 10%-100%.
  • Higher reliability and less maintenance cost thanks to 3D-covered impeller.
  • Lower noise and less vibration thanks to variable cross-section diffuser technology.
  • Higher compressor reliability thanks to keyless connection technology.
  • Urgent oil providing system to avoid compressor damage when sudden power failure occurs.
  • Orifice throttle makes a steady flow volume adjustment.
  • Multilevel password protection makes the operation controllable and reliable.
  • Adjustable water outlet temperature according to various project requirement.
  • Thanks to special refrigerant loop to cool the lubricant, no field oil cooling water pipe or external connection lubricant cooling system is needed.
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