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Synchronous Inverter Centrifugal

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It adopts high-efficiency DC inverter centrifugal compressor with internationally leading coefficient of performance. It provides high-efficiency and stable operation, and can be connected to all sorts of fan coil unit to realize cooling for large civil and industrial buildings.

  • It adopts high-efficiency motor driving two-stage impellers with simpler structure and more reliable operation. The size and weight of compressor is only 40% of the conventional compressor with the same cooling capacity.
  • It adopts high-efficiecy permanent magnet synchronous inverter motor, whose power is over 400kW and rotation speed is over 18000rp. Meanwhile, the helical refrigerant ejecting cooling technology is adopted to ensure high-efficiency operation of the motor.
  • The design of impeller and diffuser is optimized for the load of 25-100%, achieving high-efficiency operation of compressor in various loads.
  • It adopts patented sensor control technology to control the position of motor precisely and improve the reliability.
  • It adopts the unique low solidity diffuser to achieve high-efficiency recycle of pressure. *Two-stage compression technology is adopted to improve efficiency by 5-6% compared with one-stage cooling circulation system.
  • User-friendly touch screen is adopted for convenient operation, precise control and stable output.
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